Retrofit Kit Pricing

Are there plans to reduce the price of the retrofit kit to make it competitive with your other devices?

If the current price of the retrofit kit is $200 and can support up to 8 existing devices, isn’t it more cost effective to just purchase 8 ring sensors which would cost less and not require a skilled install?

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Perhaps. Sounds like a la carte Ring sensors is the better way for you to go.

For me, I already had wired contact sensors recessed into my doors from my previous alarm system. I wanted to keep those since they were hidden. I was able to install the Retrofit Kit myself, so the cost difference was negligible.

Ring does offer a 20% discount to military, first responders, teachers, and students.

Otherwise you can get a 10% discount for being a Protect plan subscriber.

The retrofit kit supports 8 zones , not just 8 devices. My house was already wired with contact sensors in all the windows and doors, coincidentally divided up into 8 zones (multiple windows grouped into one zone). When I initially installed my ring alarm, it came with enough wireless contact sensors to cover my doors and 2 windows. That left me with 22 windows that were unmonitored unless I wanted to buy 22 sensors or just depend on the motion sensors.

With the retrofit kit, I am able to wire the existing zones into it and cover everything without having to buy new sensors. So for me, it’s much more cost effective.


NB as of Jan 2021, (a year after the OP) the retrofit kit IS cheaper… $150 US. :heart_decoration: