Retrofit kit issues

I have the Ring alarm (Monitored) and I have this kit. I have a couple of questions.

  1. I have contact sensors wired to the kit. It’s almost 90% of the time, when I first open a window or a door, I don’t hear any acknowledgement sound. And when I close it, it now registered it as open. If I open and close it a few times, it gets back to working correctly. It’s almost like the sensor is a sleep and then wakes up but the system missed the break in the contact.

What could cause that? I noticed all the sensor leads has a 2200ohm resistor at the end.

  1. Can a powered motion sensor work? I mean, I tried hooking it up to a zone and it seems to register fine. I’m guessing it’s getting power from the old alarm board. So it should be fine to use if I keep the old board with its battery backup and power?

  2. If the alarm is disarmed, and I open the retrofit case, I would get a tamper notification. It did when I was NOT in monitored mode. Will the monitor center call me now that it’s a monitored system?

  3. I have the alarm kit wired to my router with a cat5 so it’s not using wifi. The retrofit kit doesn’t have that option. I noticed in the app, on the retrofit kit picture it will SOMETIMES show a weak wifi signal. So…

a) I added the Ring repeater between where the retrofit kit is and the alarm base is. It’s about 20ft away with a single wall between. And the repeater is right in the middle. I thought that would fix it as the red mark disappeared. But it came back.

b) Is this the cause for my question #1? But weird it’ll work if I open/close the sensor a few times.


New issue.

My retrofit isn’t communicating with the base. I tried to remove it and adding it back. It says it’s not getting a wifi connection. I followed the steps in removing and putting back the batteries. It still won’t find the retrofit kit. Any ideas? I don’t really want to call yet. I was doing the following when that connecting issue happened.

I thought maybe the reason why the sensors aren’t being read is because of having two sensor grounds being shared on the retrofit. So i removed one sensor (#8) and for the 8-C-7, I only have #7 connected to C. If I open the door, the sensor doesn’t register. If I close and open the door, it’ll read the door. It’s like its in some low power mode for the first reading.

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