Retrofit Kit for Ring Video Doorbell Wired (2021 release)

Not sure if anyone else is having problems installing the this retrofit kit. Purchased it hoping it would resolve the fact that the Ring Video Doorbell Wired mounting holes DO NOT align with the existing wired doorbell junction box. These holes don’t seem to align to anything. Now requiring me to drill new holes into my wall and then have to cover up the existing junction box opening. This doorbell has been a huge waist of time and money. And just as a fun additional problem it doesn’t even ring the existing hard wired chime. Rings solution … spend more money on a wireless Ring Chime !!

Hi @user7084. What model Doorbell did you have previously installed before the Doorbell Wired? This Retrofit Kit here should accommodate most of our previous models. Additionally, the Doorbell Wired does not work with your chime kit by design. All of our other models will work with your internal chime kit.