Retrofit kit- do I need EOL resistors at all- can I direct wire the zones?

Looking at the retrofit kit for my existing system. I’d love to dump my $35/mo monitoring, especially since I already have two ring doorbells. But since the house already has a wired system I also like the idea of not having to look at all the Ring sensors.

With the current sale now seems like a good time to jump to Ring.

I’m very familiar with the panel, contact sensors and wiring. I see that the retrofit kit instructions say it works up to ~5.4k ohm EOL resistors. My current panel is double zoned with 3k resistors on zones 1-8 and and 6k resistors on zones 9-12. I get that I’ll have to replace the 6k resistors, but I saw a video on YouTube that said the system would work without any resistors. I can’t see any official documentation on this, however.

The easiest thing would just to remove all the existing EOL resistors and wire the zones directly.

Will the retrofit kit work if the resistance is essentially zero?