Retro kit in new build ?

In a new build - we pre-wired doorbell wire and installed Honeywell window and door sensors. We have no ‘old’ security system - so have run into the issue that we need power (!) to get to the Ring Retro Kit. Any suggestions ? Thank you !

Hey @Seymour45. Are the Honeywell sensors wired into your home, or are they wireless?

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they are built in to the doors already !

they are wired

I=I just converted my hard wired alram system door and window sensors using the Retro kit and it worked great. I wish I had done it sooner.

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Glad to hear your existing wired sensors worked well with the Retrofit kit, @TomNH!

@Seymour45, if your wired sensors are not working with the Retrofit Kit as intended, check out our Community post for helpful tips and instructional articles.

I don’t have an ‘existing system’. I just have wired sensors. the wires end in one spot where normally I would have a security system :slight_smile:

how much of an ‘existing system’ do I have to install in order for the retro kit to work ?

the big question ---- how will I get power to my retrokit… ?

anyone ? bueller ?

There are only two possible items that would require power: (1) the retrofit device that sends wireless signals to your Ring Alarm, which is powered by two lithium batteries, and (2) your wired sensors, which the retrofit device normally expects not to require power (such as door and window contact sensors). However, there are some wired sensors (such as glass break sensors or motion detectors) that can function if they are supplied with 12 or so volts DC, which you can provide with a suitable power adapter plugged into an electrical outlet. Ring does not expect this situation, but we have made this work and so have others.

You can tell if your sensors require power by the number of wires attached to them. If the wired sensors have only two wires, then those are the data wires that determine whether the sensor circuit is open or closed. If the wired sensors have four wires, then two are for power (generally red and black) and two are for data.

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