Resubscribed Stick up cam motion detect not working (but live cam works)

I have had the camera for about a year. Motion Detection worked during the trial period. I recently resubscribed the device (and subscription is confirmed) so I can detect motion thru the window. This worked during the trial subscription.

The battery is recharged. I have adjusted every setting including turning motion detection on and off. It is definitely on and the sensitivity is high, but it is no detecting motion at all. Live view works fine and is seen as an event. I have turned the performance up to high. No help. Other than trying a full reset, I have no idea what to try. The network connection is always strong and stable.

Is there a known problem and solution to this issue?

Hi @chucko73. Do you have your Stick Up Cam set up to look through a window? We don’t recommend this setup, as the glass from the window can block the night vision and negatively impact the Stick Up Cam’s ability to detect motion properly. If you still plan to use this setup, go into the Ring app > Menu > Devices > Stick Up Cam > Device Settings > General Settings > Install Type. That way you can ensure you have it selected for indoors and facing through a window, despite this not being recommended.