Restricted access for tenant

I have two Ring locations, my home and my rental prop. Both have 2 ring cameras. I wish to give access to my tenant to hear and control their door, but not mine. I want to hear and control both houses so that I hear who is coming to BOTH houses. The tenant should only hear and control the rental property. How can I give him permanent access to his house, but not mine, while I continue to control all devices in both houses. It is medically important that I know who is coming to the tenant’s home because he is in need of medical assistance and I may need to render aid, but when I gave him access to his house as a guest, he complains that he keeps needing to sign in again and again to even hear the doorbell in his phone. He should be able to see who is at the door and answer it, without seeing my (the landlord’s) separate cameras/ How can this be done. Thank you for your help. By the way, I am getting a Ring Chime, so you do not need to add that to the answer.

Hi @tanks4ntn. Thanks for being detailed in your question! You ideally would want to have the tenant set up as a Shared User on the Doorbell if you still want to have full control of his Doorbell and yours without him being able to see yours. You mentioned that he had to sign in again - this shouldn’t happen as long as he is using the Ring App at least once within 30 days, it should keep him signed into his Ring account. if he has an iOS device, it is possible the Ring App is being offloaded, as this is a setting in iOS settings that will offload less frequently used apps to conserve space. This could be what’s happening to him so he may need to check his phone’s settings.

Otherwise, he could set the Doorbell up under his Ring account and have you added as a Shared User so that you can still see who is coming to the door and he won’t be able to see your Doorbell. It just depends on how much control you want over the Doorbell and how much control you want the tenant to have. You can read about Shared Users in more detail here as well. I hope this information helps you out! :slight_smile: