Restoration of wifi connection after power loss Floodlights Wired Plus

Just replaced existing spotlights on my two story house (one on each corner) with the Ring Floodlight Wired Plus. Configuration was a bit of a pain, as after electrician was done (he didn’t configure wireless), I had to climb up the ladder to put each one (one at a time) into configuration mode (by pressing the button on top of the camera) to attach them to my network (there’s more to this ordeal which I’ll share at the end of this discussion). Anyhow, we experienced a power outage 1 day later. I fired up the generator pretty quickly (no I don’t have a whole house generator with an automatic transfer switch … yet), and noticed that the floodlights were no longer connected to the network. Called Ring support, but while I was waiting, noticed that the cameras finally reconnected. Figured I’d try to get some additional info with respect to reconnection after power outage. My questions were as follows:

  1. how long can cameras be without power before requiring manual reconfiguration?
  2. if internet service is lost, how long (and at what interval(s)) will the floodlights attempt to reconnect to wireless network?
    Motivation for the 2nd question is because power restoration and internet restoration are two independent events. In our case, we tend to not lose internet service during a power outage (goes without saying that you need UPS and/or generator power to power modem, router, and potentially any remote wireless access points for internet to be accessible during a power outage).

The answer I received was “If power AND internet are not restored within 30 minutes, the floodlights will require manual configuration”. Don’t know about you, but not exactly an easy task with 3’ of snow on the ground in the winter. It’s hard for me to believe that the designers of this product wouldn’t have anticipated this by storing configuration data in an on board EPROM. I would also think that if power is restored but not internet service, that the floodlights would attempt to reconnect to wifi perhaps every minute for 5 mins, then every 5 mins for the next 25 mins, etc without ever giving up (the only thing that should stop this would be to remove power to the floodlights, or manually putting them into configuration mode (by climbing the dreaded ladder). Hopefully, someone from Ring can give a definitive answer as to what the device actually does. Putting devices into configuration mode manually is pretty hard to do if you happen to be away when this occurs!!

Now, back to my initial, first call. I happened to mention that all the lights were on the same circuit, to which the support person indicated that this wasn’t recommended. When asked why, he indicated that all devices would attempt to reconnect to wifi at same time should there be a loss of power (absurd - same would occur even if each light was on a separate circuit). Even if this were true, unless your installing in new construction, aren’t most house floodlights normally on a single circuit (yet to see one where there’s an individual switch for each light). Wouldn’t these lights typically being installed as replacements for existing “traditional” floods (controlled by a single switch).

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