Response that is supposed to play through the doorbell only plays when I review the video

Doorbell will play “UR being recorded” as soon as motion is received at doorbell- but NO other audio at all. No audio is heard, no speech is recorded. (I tried just talking after the doorbell chime, and nothing picked up.)
Will not play ANY of the responses (ex: “give me a minute to get there”) through the doorbell. DOES play this msg when I play back event (on phone or IPad). But no audio is recorded at all from the doorbell! :exploding_head: (So I play back event and then hear “give me a minute…” on playback.)
I have a floodlight that was installed same time and hear audio from outside with no problem.

Spent over an hour with Support. Went through all trouble shooting listed in this forum and then some with agent. I was told “wait til trial period is over and call back- some audio doesn’t work until your paid plan starts”.
Don’t believe this is the correct, why have a “trial period” if I can’t experience everything.
I can hear the audio outside from the Ring floodlight. Seems like an issue (especially after seeing all so many posts about issues with audio not working with doorbell).
I am disabled and bought these devices specifically so I could have audio through them - especially the doorbell!
It seems the doorbells have had issues with audio for years. I did every thing suggested in the “doorbell audio issues” and then some with agent. Just to feel like he blew me off because he didn’t know what to do.
Had a professional electrician/professional business security systems person install both floodlight and doorbell at the same time. It was not cheap, but I am disabled and physically unable to even use a screwdriver.
Also this doorbell came with a “chime/WiFi” extender. I have had no problems with connections (not a WiFi issue) with either floodlight or doorbell video. Just audio.
Please help me any ObiWan’s or any other genuis’!!! :pleading_face:

Hi @AvonWitch. I’d like to dive into this for you. What is the specific device that you have? Can you share one of the videos of this happening? Are you able to hear audio using the 2 way audio feature? In the Ring app, with the device selected, do you have Audio Streaming and Recording enabled under Device Settings > Privacy Settings? Let me know this information so I can look into this. Thanks, neighbor.

Thanks for responding!

This is one of the videos.
The settings are correct, and even checked my phone and iPad settings when I tested this to be sure those were correct.
There is no audio through this device. Only on the play back through my phone or iPad do I get the “greeting” that s/b playing through the device. No sound at all. The device is Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
(The floodlight that has sound is Floodlight Cam Wired Plus - I can hear sound on it.*
*One bizarre thing I found in a Floodlight video that was done as “Live” but from inside- part of the audio picked up my TV playing inside the house! Only bits of it, and it freaked me out. But that happened only once, and I can hear audio all the time on it. Both were installed same day. I appreciate your help!

I don’t know what magic you used; but the doorbell started working at 12:00pm today. :blush:
Thank you so very very much! :purple_heart:

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Hi @AvonWitch. Glad that this is working for you!