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This situation in Tennessee is a domestic terrorist bombing and all of the law enforcement communications are knocked out along with 911, and you feel that Ring isn’t living up to its advertising? I feel you have unreasonable expectations.

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It’s not reasonable to expect RIng or any other Alarm provider to have the ability to predict what cellular carrier may or may not have a service interruption in such a circumstance so, there really is no means of a contingency plan outside of Ring designing its alarm with a second cellular radio installed or a dual SIM in it. Of course, this would increase the BOM and subscription costs forcing Ring to charge more for the upfront cost of the system and increased monitoring charges and not necessarily work if such an event affected more than one cellular carrier. The situation you are experiencing in TN is a point off the curve. Back in 2012 my region sustained river flooding around me and knocked out landline, cellular, and internet once again this was a point off the curve and at that time my alarm company was in the same boat.