Resistor or not???

Do I actually nee an in line resistor installed for a Ring Doorbell 3 using a plug in transformer that is only 500mA? Do I need a resistor installed for my ring doorbell 3 using a plug in transformer? The maker and everyone that used it claim NO! Confused…

( Input: 120V AC 60Hz 0.2A Output: 24V AC 500mA)

Hey @UncleAl88. Thanks for reaching out to the Community for more help here! Despite user manuals stating otherwise - a resistor is not required when connecting direct to a transformer for the Ring Video Doorbell 3/3+. In addition, the diode is built in so no external diode is required with digital chimes. You can learn more about what the setup should be like in our Help Center Article here.

Thanks. I also have a doorbell gen 1 that I might use in a location without power. Does a gen 1 need the resistor?

@UncleAl88 Yes! The Ring Video Doorbell Gen 1 needs one, as you can see in our Help Center Article here. :slight_smile:

It’s not just the user manuals - Wirewound Resistor – Ring gives the impression you’d need a resistor also as it is ‘compatible’ with 3/3+. A very inconsistent message for a new user (like me!).