Resistor on Video Doorbell 2020 Release

Searching through the forum, there is so much conflicting information on this topic, so I hope we can settle this for good! If I want to install the Video Doorbell 2020 Release (aka 2nd Generation) directly to a transformer with no chime, is a resistor required? Previous forum posts say Yes, but then link to a page that says A resistor is not required.

Hi @jpthedp. The Help Center Article you linked is about the Ring Video Doorbell 2 rather than the Video Doorbell (2020 Release), but it is the same either way in that a resistor is NOT required. You can find this information here if you look at the chart comparing the two Doorbells. Under the resistor category, it states that a resistor is not needed when hardwiring the Video Doorbell (2020 Release). I hope this helps answer your questions. :slight_smile: