Resetting camera

Hi, I’m trying to reset the stick up camera elite, this is powered over internet , I have been trying loads to try and do a reset so I can re set up but no luck just a solid blue light,
I brought this in Oct and only just pulled it out of the box

Hi @Dazz71. When you are walking through the setup, at what point do you get stuck during the setup? Also, if you need to reset the device, you will need to press and hold down the setup button for 30 seconds.

Hi, I did it the first time and it was fine then the camera when offline and it never been back on, so I thought I would reset everything and start again, I did go on website help and looked at reset instructions I have tried all.

Please help,

@Dazz71 No worries! I’m happy to help from here. When you go through the setup right now, what doing are you stuck at during the setup? You say you get a blue light, but when you press the setup button once, does it flash? If it starts to flash, it will be in setup mode. If you cannot get it into setup mode, please give our support team a call here.

In addition, if your device is falling offline, it could be falling offline for reasons that relate to the hardwired connection it has (possibly loose wires) and the network it’s connected to and if the ports and protocols allow for it to stay connected (even though it’s POE, the settings on the router need to allow the device to connect).

Got the unit into set up, now it goes though set up to the part where it asked to join the ring network, it does not show in the list
I’m on iOS and on a virgin media Hub 3
What a nightmare it has been £170 and stuck so disipionted in this product

@Dazz71 So once the device is in setup mode, and you go into your wifi settings on your phone to see if you can manually connect to the AP, the Ring AP does not show there? This will mean that the Ring device is not able to broadcast the AP to your phone, or at all. Since you are having this one multiple devices with the Ring app, it seems to be the device unable to broadcast the AP. For this reason as well as if you couldn’t get it into setup mode at all, I recommend giving our support team a call here. They can get this matter escalated up for you to get it resolved!