Reset the Ring Car Cam video codec back to HVEC

When I first accessed my Ring Dashboard to view my new Car Cam, it indicated the camera was using the HVEC codec. I changed to legacy mode then I found how to get the HVEC codec for windows so I want to change it back – but I cannot find any option to do that.

Has anyone figured this out?

Hi @mitchmitchell. In the Ring app, do you see a Legacy Video Mode option under Device Settings > Video Settings for your Car Cam? Are you trying to view videos on or through the Ring app? The Ring Car Cam uses a modern video format called High-Efficiency Video Compression (HEVC) that is not supported on at this time. To view videos or highlights, you’ll want to use the Ring app.

“Legacy Video Mode” is not available through the app (iOS)

Every video I download is using H.264 instead of HEVC. At one point I logged in using a browser, and it switched to legacy mode. But every device I own can handle HEVC. So I need to get it back in HEVC mode so the videos I download are in HEVC instead of H.264.

Hi neighbors, I’ve looked into this with my team to get some additional information. Web support for the Ring Car Cam is partial, and you cannot view videos (local or cloud) or Live View on at this time. There will be no Legacy Video Mode option for the Car Cam, as the Car Cam utilizes HEVC. We’re always working to improve functionality and add features, and hope to have it available in an upcoming release. In the meantime, you can access the Live View and view videos from your Car Cam in the Ring app on iOS or Android.

Wow, that’s crazy that we can’t use like we do for all of our other Ring cameras and doorbells. Has Ring considered extending the return policy window for this device? It really seems at launch we are in a beta testing period and your team needs to make some software updates to hopefully address the many problems that I and others have reported.

You forgot to mention you basically cannot download videos either from ring car cam from and local stored video’s you cant download at all. Why put users through all this trouble? What is the point of this camera if you can’t download the video. This is the basics of what these camera’s are used for. FAIL!

Mitch, I did the same - switched from HVEC to Legacy Video Mode to get the videos in the browser to work but now want to revert back to HVEC for fear legacy mode video will eat up the Ring Protect Go plan 2 GB limit. Note that all Car Cam videos recorded in HEVC format before changing to Legacy Mode are now showing with this error message “This video was recorded using a modern video format that is not supposed on this browser. However, since you have turned off HEVC, you can play videos for future events.” Therefore, this would confirm you’re now using the Legacy Mode.

RING: How do we switch from Legacy Mode back to HEVC?

I’m in the same boat. I’ve asked different Ring CS agents and I get total uncertainty except for blaming the browser. There’s just no option to revert back.

Come on Ring!

18 days until returns happen.

And a big FAIL that is. Every person that bought a Ring cam that cannot download the videos and is still within the returns window should send back their cameras for a refund and take their business elsewhere. Maybe if enough people did that to get Rings attention, then maybe Ring might seriously address this issue. It appears now that Ring is only focused on the number of car cams they can sell with the same issues.

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I’m waiting another couple weeks to see if Ring addresses any of these concerns with software before the return window closes. They would be smart to extend the return window for this item since it feels more like we are beta testers at this point.

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