Reset Ownership

Most Ring products you can do a hard reset and change ownership. A orange button on some if you remove the back, some you stick a paperclip in a hole. I see 2 holes on MY floodlight cam of 3 that work fine and says I’m not the owner. Ring support is no support if you can get them on the phone. Does anyone know how to do it. I have 7 more days before I have to return them to Amazon as a defective product. I have 7 Blink XT cameras that work great, great support, and user friendly. I really like the Ring audio better, but an average camera. I really want to get the one working so that I can keep the set. I am not going to sign up and pay for support I already bought. Blink don’t charge.


There is no charge for Ring support. Just call. I did last Friday and got right through. My issue was resolved quickly.

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Ok. I’ll try one more time. I held over 20 mins one time and 30 the next, then was like hung up on. Thanks.