Reset Button

Hello all,

I am relatively new to Ring but have recently bought the home security system as well as a Ring Doorbell 4 and an Indoor Cam which was free in the deal Ring had on offer. Up to now I’m happy with my purchases.

I’m hoping to buy several more products including in particular a Floodlight Cam Pro…
However, what I have noticed when setting up the Indoor cam is the button on top is apparently also the reset button. Which led me to this forum as I have now discovered that the Floodlight Cam Pro also has one of these buttons.

So my question is what is stopping a burglar climbing up (in the hypothetical scenario where he can reach) and holding down the button to reset the camera and therefore disable it?
Is it really that easy or am I missing something?

And before people say

Put it where they can’t reach it
It will notify me whilst they are doing it
Set the camera to sound an alarm on motion
etc etc…

I understand safety precautions and how to try and prevent this but would it really be as simple as holding that button down?

Thanks in advance

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