Requiring a PIN to arm/disarm security system from app?


I have a wall mounted iPad running various media and home automation stuff at my house.

The Ring app is installed for checking the cameras and video door bell.

The problem is anyone walking up to the iPad can also disarm the Ring security system without any sort of PIN, and I can’t put a screen lock on the iPad without also locking out other non-security related apps (Spotify, Sonos, etc).

Can Ring add an option to always require a PIN when changing the state of the security system from the app?

Hi @Enfort10916. While there is not currently an option to require a pin to change the mode of the alarm from the Ring App, feel free to add your suggestion to the Feature Request board. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature! :slight_smile: