Requested alert features

Hello I am a customer as well as an investigator of primarily thefts and burglaries for my local sheriff’s office.

Is there any way we can get different alert tones set to a schedule. For example I have a zone set up for my driveway and another for the sidewalk and street. I would like to get person alerts for my driveway and would like the loudest alarm possible from midnight until 7am to catch the burglars in the act.

I don’t want to eliminate the zone that captures the street/ sidewalk, but I don’t need to be notified.

Just a thought to update your software. In my line of work I recommend security systems to victims. I love my system, and these are the only limitations I see right now.

Hi @user23181. I believe this post on our Feature Request board matches what you’re describing here. We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather and share feedback with our teams here, so feel free to add a comment and your vote to that thread. Thank you for sharing your ideas with the Community! :slight_smile:

You can mess around in the Ring app. There are options to adjust the zones and tones to your specific needs. You may want to get a chime as well. I’m working for Houston PD. Nice to meet you.