Replacing Nutone with Pro

Hi - I have an installation issue.

I am attempting to replace my Nutone intercom/doorbell with a Pro model. My exterior is brink and there is a rough-in housing that the intercom speaker/doorbell sits in. An adapter face plate is available which will cover this housing unit (5"x7") in order to support a Ring conversion.

The problem I am facing is the screws to mount to the housing unit are too big to pass thru the hole on the Ring unit. And it I use the screws that came with Ring, they are too small (diameter wise) to fit threads of the housing unit.

What are my options?

I did just that, replaced a nutone intercom and used a Ring Pro for the doorbell. Here is what I did . . .

Remove the door speaker, you will find a two wire for the button, and another set of speaker wires. Ignore the speaker wires and use the button two wires. I traced those wires and use the Ring Pro Plug-in power supply to power the Pro, and used a Ring Chime for the speaker. I found the button wires in the atic and plugged the power supply into an outlet in the attic.

To mount the Pro, I removed the nutone metal mounting box, got a piece of PT 2X6 and cut it to fit in the box frame, tight so I could “pound” it in. Drilled a wire hole, put the block in, and mounted to Pro on the block. Looks very professional and no one would ever know it was a retrofit.

Worked for me . . .

Thanks Brad. Definitely a good option to consider.

Hello Brad,

I am getting ready to replace my parents old NuTone Scovill doorbell/intercom with a Ring Doorbell Pro. I appreciate your input on using the PT 2x6 to fit in the box frame (if needed).

I did see 2 sets of wires as you describe. However, wouldn’t your NuTone be powered by an existing Transformer? Trying to figure out why you needed to use the Plug-In Power Adapter.