Replacing Mechanical Doorbell with Electronic doorbell

So my wife and I bought an electronic doorbell after realizing that the mechanical one in our condo is extremely outdated and hideous. I followed all instructions to try and reinstall our Ring Pro doorbell to the new electronic doorbell and now every time I turn the breaker back on the doorbell doesn’t stop chiming. I’ve been going at this for about 2 hours and extremely frustrated, someone please help!

Hey @IvanNazario! The best first step here will be to ensure the chime kit you have is compatible with your Doorbell Pro. Check out our compatibility list to see if this one will work with the Pro.

Once confirmed as compatible, I recommend double checking the actual type of chime kit being used. Mechanical and Digital chime types can differ and feature different tone types. In the Ring app, under your Ring Pro device settings, you’ll see a chime type settings option. Here you will be able to select the type of chime kit you have, which should allow your Doorbell Pro to trigger the chime as intended, rather than constantly. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: