Replacing faulty spotlight cam

Its taken weeks for Ring to replace a faulty spotlight cam and now they tell me that it will be out of stock for weeks. However, they are offering the spotlight cam on their website and on Amazon with 5-day delivery.

Hi @user48046. I would suggest following up with our support team on this to ensure that the latest in-stock information is available. Feel free to send us a private message on Facebook @Ring.

Tom - I like your suggestion but have failed to get anywhere talking to ring support. I was told the spotlight replacement would take 3 weeks due to out of stock but I found that I could buy one and get it in 4 days. How does that make sense. This is after several other Support mistakes.

Hi @user48046. I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, our support team is the only one who can assist you with this, as we in the community cannot access your private account information.

Mine started strobing tonight.

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