Replacement transformer question 2021 model

I just got the Ring Video Doorbell Wired 2021 and hooked it up to the existing chime transformer, including the jumper cable as instructed. It didn’t work and the button bottom half is lit - apparently telling me it does not have enough power. What are the install instructions for a new transformer ?
I found one online which says it is compatible with all video doorbells " Input: 120-Volt AC, Output: 16 VAC/30 VA" . Do i need to completely remove the existing chime box and replace with this new transformer thing ? Its all a foreign language to me, but i can try to follow instructions :)! Existing box on the wall has three wires connected - but the new transformer I got has only two points to connect to - I’m a bit stumped as to what to do next.

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I’m in the same boat. Wired everything up and but no power.

Reinstalled the old doorbell and everything works fine.

Do we need a new transformer or is there some kind of bypass we can use on the current chime?


Hi @chestome. Thanks for providing that picture. From the looks of things, it doesn’t appear that your Jumper is installed. This needs to be installed on the Chime Kit using the TRANS and FRONT terminals. This allows the Doorbell Wired to bypass your Chime Kit and operate as intended.

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Hello - the jumper was installed, but i removed it and re-installed the original doorbell (photo was taken after the uninstall). The jumper was installed correctly when i was testing the doorbell. I was speaking to a friend who suggested we have to locate the original power wires to the existing doorbell and then get in there and install a new transformer. Basically it sounds like its going to be way too expensive to actually get this thing working as you have to tear apart walls to find what your looking for / then get the wiring done & then patch it all up.