Replacement security screw for Ring Doorbell Elite

Does anyone know the size, or have a link to purchase, a replacement security screw for the Ring Doorbell Elite?

Twice I have called Ring support, and they very kindly ordered me a “Elite Screwdriver and Security Screw” (per the Customer Support email confirmation) but what actually arrived in the mail was only a screwdriver, no screw. In both cases the packing slip indicated “Ring Elite Screwdriver” (ASIN B089QZJ1KG). Or can a Ring Support person tell me what specific ASIN to request that includes the screw? Is the screw perhaps bundled with the faceplate instead of the driver?

I would gladly pay $2 for an assortment of replacement parts, which seems to be available on Amazon for all doorbell models except the Doorbell Elite. Unfortunately, the Elite seems to use a different security screw than all the rest (I have confirmed it is at least different from my Doorbell 2).

Alternatively, I’d be happy with a screw that isn’t super secure (e.g., not a proprietary driver, just a Philips screw in the right size would be fine).

So, I found a picture of all the included accessories online, and circled what I need in purple.
It’s hard to tell, but I think the security screws is in the little bag with the mounting screws, so I guess I should ask for mounting screws instead. Also, I don’t know how to describe the rubberized security screw driver (what they sent me is the other driver shown, with reversible bit)

Hi @dbeiter. Unfortunately, we do not have any spare parts for the Doorbell Elite on, and I do not have a part number for the security screw. We only have two sizes of security screws, which originally were T6 but have been changed to T15. If you cannot find this type of screw at your local hardware store, I would recommend reaching back out to our support team and letting them know that you have not received the correct parts twice now.

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