Replacement process for faulty product

I ordered my full system on 13/02. It took about a week to arrive an upon installation I contacted ring because the light on my white floodlight cam pro was broken. I contacted ring on the 27/02 and went through full troubleshooting for over an hour to confirm that the light was broken. I was then told that the light was out of stock, until December! I opted to wait because the camera was installed and working and I needed coverage. I was told to keep checking this link in order to determine when it is back in stock at which point I should contact ring again/
Floodlight Cam Wired Pro – Ring

This is not an acceptable procedure, I should not have to wait this long for a replacement and I should not have to keep checking your website in order to ask again for a replacement.

Today 22/05 I noticed that it was in stock, so I contacted ring again. Now I’m told that even though it is in stock and I can actually buy a new camera, you can’t send me a replacement because your internal systems don’t allow it.

Moreover I cannot simply buy a new camera and return the faulty one because now I’m told that the team will not issue a refund because it is over one month since purchase, even though I contacted ring within the month to report the fault.

The support team have now created an order for a replacement even though it is not showing as in stock, in the hope that it appears in stock soon and will be sent out…but then why wasn’t this done on my first call.

There are so many things wrong with this process I can’t begin to point them all out. How can I escalate this to try and get…what should be quite a simple resolution i.e. to send out a replacement for a faulty product which you have in stock?

And now it seems support cannot put a back order on for an item that is not in stock in that system. So I the customer now have to contact hem, at some random interval to ask if it is in stock…even though I can see it in stock. Very dissatisfied with this.

Hi @andymort. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been waiting for a replacement for some time now. Following up with our support team is the best option to receive an update on the status of your replacement. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we aren’t able to access any account or order information. This includes replacement requests. Let our support team know you’ve reached out previously regarding your replacement, and are still waiting for an update.

I shouldn’t have to follow up with support, thats the whole problem with this process. The reason I posted here, was because when I asked for a complaints procedure i.e. how do I make a complaint, I was told by support to post here and it would be actioned from here, so if there is a different complaints process I’d like to hear it.

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