Replacement not shipping. 2x's

I received my new ring cam, but the sounds is garbled. so I spent an hour on the phone with support and finally got a replacement scheduled to ship.
called again, they couldn’t find it. so they scheduled a 2nd one.

I’m getting really tired of ring.

Hi @sddarkman. I’m sorry to hear you’re still waiting on a replacement Camera. Since the Ring Community is a public forum, I’m not able to help with account-specific concerns such as replacements. To get an update on your replacement, you would need to contact our support team as they are the only ones who will have access to that information.

So now they are out of stock!!!
Lamest customer support ever. I also heard in between the lines of the customer rep that many people are having the same issue with the garbled sounds when they try using the microphone. So many people are wanting replacements.
I have half a mind to send an empty box back with their label asking where my replacement is.

Worst experience so far with ring.
this was the third time I called for my replacement, was issued a third return label and was finally told they are out of stock and couldn’t send anything, not even a refurb…

So I still haven’t gotten the replacement I had been waiting for. It’s been 3 months now.

This is THE WORST service I’ve ever had with ring. I’m so Frustrated that I am going to go to another company if anyone has any suggestions.

It’s been 3 months since my new ring spotlight was delivered and it’s been defective since installation.
I’ve also now noticed it’ stops recording and notifying my after 12 hours on. I have to reboot it in order to get it to start recording again and notifying me.
I had to call again yesterday to find out where it was and they said shipping is going ot expedite it, and i should get notified withing 24-48 hours. we’ll it’s been 36 hours now. I doubt I’m getting notified.
I’ll be calling AGAIN.
and then I’ll probably start a charge back because it says I can’t return the camera now because it’s been too long, and this is all Rings fault.
Camera never worked right form the start, and it is now works since it doesn’t record or notify me anymore.

Hi @sddarkman. It’s unfortunate that you are having this experience. There are a few avenues of resolution I can suggest. First, you can call our support team and ask to speak to a Level 2 supervisor, due to the severity of this concern. Second, you can reach out via Facebook or Twitter @Ring to have a member of that team look into this concern for you. As mentioned before, the Ring Community is a peer to peer support forum where no one has access to your account or personal information, including shipping details. I will forward this feedback in hopes to improve on this process.

I called last night, they gave me a tracking number saying that the replacement shipped out. I got off the phone and check the return label they send me, and it was the tracking number of the return label.

  1. she lied.

2)I called back immediately, and they gave me my 3rd, request ID. I was on the phone for 1 hour.

  1. told mine I couldn’t return for a refund because I waited too long. Yeah I waited too long because I was waiting for the replacement.

4)Today, I called my credit card and started the charge back.
If I call again, it will be the 9th time I’ve called regarding the replacement. I doubt that’s going to happen now.

Finally got my replacement. 2months later.
It’s the New Spotlight cam plus.
swapped it out and the same exact issues happening right from the get go.
The Camera stops recording after so long, it’ doesn’t notify me of anything after that same amount of time, the only thing that fixes it is to reboot the camera.
Luckily I purchased the older cam I was replacing on Amazon. Installed that today, set tight up and no issues at all since.
Sends me notifications, keeps recording, and no issues at all.
The new cameras are sub par quality and nothing but trouble.
Which is why I’m doing a chargeback to get my money back and send this hunk of junk back.