Replacement for desktop app found

Really wanting to get the desktop app back so I can use my second monitor for my cameras, I hit upon what could be a solution.

I’ve only checked it works on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro machine for now, but its my understanding this works on all Windows machines and Macs, even Intel ones.

Go to WebCatalog for Mac and PC - App Store for Desktop Web Apps - WebCatalog and download the app first, then look at the catalogue and find the Ring app and download it.

Webcatalog appears to be safe to use and no one I know has ever had an issue with using it so you should be fine, but as ever, the choice is yours and if you are nervous, just don’t do it. Simple.

Queue the moderators who will now no doubt tell everyone this is unsafe!

If you have the latest version of macOS, Safari can turn any website into a web app now.

The point I was making was that WebCatalog can create a desktop app for any machine, not just Mac.