Replaced Android, lost motion alert sound.

Yesterday I had to replace my Android phone. Replaced a Motorola Z2 with a Z4. All apps tranferred just fine, though I had to re-enter credentials for those that use them. With that my Ring app is working just fine, with one exception. It has lost my designated alert sound (a jarring sonar ping sound) and replaced it with a very (VERY) quiet tinkling chime. I’ve found no way to tell it to use a different sound file, and the new sound remains barely audible even with all of the phone’ s sound channels set to max volume.

Hey @edstevens. You will need to adjust the app alert tone to be the same tone you were using before! What device do you have? Normally, going into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Select device you want the tone for > Device Settings > Alert Settings > App Alert Tones. From here, you can select what you want, as well as the volume for it! :slight_smile:

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Ah, yes. It’s been so long since I set this up in the first place, I failed to realize that sounds are device-specific. Got that changed, but did not see any place to set volume. Closest was the last sound on the list of available sounds was ‘soft’.

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@edstevens Awesome stuff! Under the App Alerts tones, there should be a volume slider at the top for you to adjust, that looks sort of like this:

In all, sounds like you’re okay with the way the soft sound is, so you should be good there! :slight_smile:

Unless I’ve navigated to the wrong screen, my app doesn’t look like that. No volume controls.

@edstevens Thanks for getting back to me, and allowing me a chance to clear it up. I was a little confused myself when I noticed you do not have the same interface on your Android phone, but after checking with the appropriate teams, it looks like this is because on the Android phone, you just turn your volume up and down to adjust the tone, so my apologizes here! The same would go for the iPhone, as that volume slider is just for playback of our neighbors with iPhones. On the iPhone, you can also manually turn it up and down, so that clears up that! Since the devices have different wants to manage the notifications, this is why it was different from me in comparison to you. Sorry if I caused any further confusion at first, but rest assured you are set with the tone you picked. :slight_smile: