Replace bricked doorbell with new one without deleting all video

A Ring firmware update to my v1 doorbell bricked it. I bought a new doorbell 3 and successfully set it up as “Front Door”, which was also the name of the now-bricked device. After setting up the v3, I went to delete the original “Front Door” and the app tells me all the recorded video from that device will be deleted. There’s nothing important there but I would rather keep the video from the old device. Is there a way to do that? Also, if I delete the old device will the subscription for cloud recording be automatically transferred to the new “Front Door”?

Hi @DaveN. It is possible to save the video from your Ring Video Doorbell by following the steps outlined in this Help Center article here. If this was a replacement device that our support team facilitated, your Ring Protect Plan subscription automatically transfers over. If this is a new purchase, you will have to login to, cancel the subscription, and subscribe your new device to a new Ring Protect Plan. Upon cancelling, you will receive a prorated refund based off of the amount of time the Ring Protect Plan was used. You can find more information on the Ring Protect Plan here. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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