Replace base station with a new one

Dear all,

My base station has problem and I’m offered a replacement and will receive the new one in the next couple of days. Could I please ask what is the best way to replace it in the Ring app? I see that there is a deregistered option in the advanced option, could I deregister it and register a new one with the current location then keep all existing sensors? Or I have to re-register all sensors with the new base station?

Thank you,


Glad you asked @chuoitieu! At this time, if your Base Station is needing replacement or is unregistered for any reason, you will also need to reconnect your other Alarm devices. As we are always looking to improve your experience, I’ll be sharing this with our team for consideration of more options.

Feel free to inquire further with our support team as well, as they may have more suggestions.

Thanks @Marley_Ring.

Please do share this with the Ring team. This is a horrible solution. I had the same problem. The base station stopped alarming. I received the replacement almost three weeks later. Not building any confidence with the lack of urgency on Ring’s behalf. That’s basically saying, “You need this to protect your home, but when our unit is defective, well, you should be fine until we get around to shipping a new unit.” I did deregister the faulty base station and now am struggling with resetting all of the sensors and keypads. I believe that in such a case if there is no simple fix other than redoing everything, RING should send someone out to handle it. I was considering the pro monitoring but not right now.

Please address this deficiency.