Removing spotlight cam - how???

I want to take the spotlight cam down so I can add a solar charger. But I can’t figure out how to get it out without breaking something. Once it’s in, is it there forever??? I can’t find any useful videos at all. Help is appreciated.

Hi @ht1. The Ring Spotlight Cam is normally mounted to a surface with regular Phillips head screws, and has a security screw on the back of the camera as well to keep it in place. You will have to remove the security screw in the back in order to take the Spotlight Cam off of the mount.

It would be best to watch our Youtube video here on how to install the Spotlight Cam, and work backwards from there to see what needs to be unhooked to get it off the mount without damage. From there, you can review our Youtube video here on how to install the Solar Panel to the Spotlight Cam.

I’m not actually trying to take mount down. What I meant to say was that I want to get the ball on the arm of the actualy camera out of the socket (and the socket is what’s mounted). Just unscrewing the whole thing won’t help because I still won’t be able to slide the panel down.

So does anyone know how to get the ball out of the socket???