Removing Shared Doorbell

How do I remove a shared doorbell? I recieved a notice a few days back that someone shared their door bell with me. Now, all i get all day long is notifications for someone elses doorbell who I don’t even know and the app has become completely worthless to me since it is sending me alerts all the time.

Other than activity history, I can’t find a single place where it is identified in the app or where I can remove it. In Activity History on the web, it is listed as:
“Frontdoor (shared)”

If I go into Neighbors, it lists me as having two locations, one where I live, and one a few hundred miles away.

If I go into Devices, it only shows my device.

Hey @dguisinger01. In order to remove the shared user Doorbell from your account, please follow the steps below:

  • First, select your location that says “Frontdoor (shared)”
  • Once the proper location is chosen, select Devices from the main menu.
  • Here you can select the shared Doorbell.
  • Visit the Doorbell’s Device Settings
  • Select General Settings
  • Under general settings, select “Remove This Device”, which will delete the device from the account.

Hope this helps!

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