Removing Ring Door Device

I have 2 Ring2 (backdoor and frontdoor). I bouht a new Ring3+ to replace the frontdoor Ring2 that died. I had it working but somehow cannot add it to the App. I can receive a frontdoor press and can communicate with it from the Notifications but my App only shows the Ring2 (backdoor). I tried numerous times to add the new Ring3+ to the App but was unable - I was going in circles/crazy.

I decided to start from scratch - removing/re-installing the App and re-adding the backdoor and frontdoor. I managed to re-add the Ring2 (backdoor) but cannot add the frontdoor Ring3+. It says that the owner has to release the device.

Now I am in a real circle:

I cannot add the device because it is owned.

I cannot remove the device because it is not in my list in the App.

Also…why do we need a battery in the Ring3+ when it has AC!!! REALLY…REALLY crazy/inconvenient/troublesome!!! …having to re-charge the battery even when it has AC connected to it!


This is the Error email to remove the device (that I cannot see on my App):

We’ve recently blocked an attempt to set up your Ring device named “Front Door” which is currently linked to your Ring account. If you didn’t give your device to someone, no further action is needed.

If you do want to change its ownership, you’ll first need to remove the device from your Ring account before they set it up – here’s how: |

| 1. | Open the Ring App and select the device you wish to remove. |
| 2. | Tap the Device Settings tile then General Settings. |
| 3. | Then tap Remove This Device. Once removed, your device’s video recordings and Event History will also be removed. |


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In the process of moving in circles-circles-circles I have lost the screws for the AC connection and the screw that secures the faceplate …somewhere in the garden. Grrrrrrrr!