Removing ownership of ring device and farcical support

Hey guys. So I have a ring doorbell which I have set up using an email address as per the standard set up. However, I’ve now deleted the Google account that was used for that email, and so I no longer have access to that email. I would like to change my account details or, set up a new account t with my ring doorbell. However I can’t log in to change settings as I no longer have access. I contacted support and gave them my Mac number and photo of the doorbell, my address associated and my phone number. They also needed the name I gave the doorbell which I can’t remember. The support agent asked me to log in and find the name. I tried to explain that I can’t log in to the app to get the name or any details. Because of this and despite having all the more sense data for my account couldn’t proceed to help. Can anyone on here help me? It seems ridiculous that I contacted support because I couldn’t log in, but they can’t help because they need me to log in

Many thanks

No one here has access to your Account information so we won’t be able to assist. It’ll have to be Ring Support. If one support agent doesn’t get you what you want try calling and get a different one. You might have to try several before you get someone.

Maybe one tactic you might try is just say you’ve just moved into your house and there’s a Ring doorbell that you want to setup and you have no way of contacting the prior owner. That might be a way to get what you want.

I was thinking that. I appreciate the security Ring offer but it’s a bit ridiculous at the same time. Thanks for your suggestions