Removing faceplate from doorbell pro v3

We had a contractor install the doorbell, and when they left they took the screwdriver. So I talked to Ring and asked if the doorbell screwdriver I have (from a V2 doorbell) would work, and they said no, the Pro V3 used a different security screw. So I got them to send me a new one, and now that it’s here it’s the same as the one I have.

So I have a couple of quetions:

Is the V2 screwdriver the same as the Pro V3 (it appears to be a mid-sized torx)?

I’m not sure that the installers actually put a screw in there. I can pull the bottom of the faceplate away from the doorbell on the left side where the security screw would go. Since that’s the case, do I just need to pry it off the doorbell?


Hi @danhi. The Ring Screwdriver is double sided. Try taking the tip out and flipping it around to try the other end. If the installers didn’t put a screw in the Ring Pro, then you can just pop the cover off by placing your thumbs on the inner piece and using your fingers to pull the cover off. If possible, try to upload a picture of where the security screw is on the Ring Pro so the Community can help see if the installers used the correct screw. Best of luck!

Turn out they just didn’t put the security screw in at all. Once I figured that out, I got it pried off and all is good now.

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