Removed cameras from account, but need footage

Long story short, I just moved and was selling items I no longer needed. A woman and her friend bought a dresser from me that they picked up. A week later and the woman filed a dispute with venmo to get her money back and for whatever reason, venmo automatically refunded her. I don’t even understand what happened, but I literally just received the dispute email. Anyways, if my doorbell cam was working properly that day (I’ve often had issues with battery life and delayed recordings), I would be able to show that I helped them load the dresser. The problem is that I let the buyer of my house keep the doorbell, so I deleted it from my device list. I didn’t know this wouldn’t allow me to see all previous recordings. Can I somehow view any of them??! This would help stop a scammer.

I would need June 22 9:08 am.

Unfortunately, once you removed it from your account Ring would have presumed you were done with the camera and had no further need of the recordings. So no, there’s nothing to recover.

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Hi @user15948. SolarEclipse is correct here. Once the Doorbell is deleted from your Ring app, the videos are no longer accessible. You can learn more about this here.