Remove RingPro from my dashboard

Hi I’m new to the forum so be patient!

Ive had my RingPro on my front door for some time and I’ve fitted a Spotlight Cam over my front door,giving me a better coverage over my drive! I’m wanting to just use my RingPro for just door bell alerts only so can I remove it from my Dashboard?

any help or advice would appreciated


Hey @Alshamal. This is a great question! At this time, whichever devices you have on your Ring account will show up in the Camera Tiles Preview section on your dashboard. This section cannot be edited, but you can rearrange the tiles so that you can press and hold, then drag the preview for the Spotlight Cam so it shows up before the preview for the Doorbell! This may help so you are only seeing this preview before seeing the Doorbell’s. Make sure you have motion alerts turned off for your Doorbell as well if you haven’t already so that you are not receiving these on top of any alerts for your Spotlight Cam!