Remove location.

How do I remove an address from the ring app? Everything I read about mentions going to Location Settings, but that choice is not on the menu.

I found a way to delete location through Control Center. Still cannot find Location Settings.

Hey @IndianaJesse. You will need to go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > and from here you can either tap on Change Address to update the address, or the trash can icon next to your address at the top to delete it. You will only be able to delete a location if all Ring devices are removed from the Location first. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What’s missing (or at least isn’t immediately obvious from your description from either your description or the documentation) is that in the app, if you have multiple locations (I had four duplicate entries) *before* going to the menu button in the upper left corner, you *first* have to change the drop down menu in the top. My app had “All Cameras” selected, and thus “Delete location” was not on the menu on the left. But after I changed from “All Cameras” to a particular location with no cameras on it, only then could I delete the location.

That’s not very obvious and I might suggest that the documentation should be clarified. Usually if someone’s trying to delete a location, it’s because they have multiple ones, and the documentation doesn’t describe this process.

I hope this helps future readers. I wasted a lot of time stumbling in both the app and the online docs around before I found this quirky design on my own.


I’m trying to delete a clients location after I setup and made sure their cameras are working correctly. I can’t find locations anywhere that I can delete their address.

Hey @Scottf! While still logged into the Ring app and viewing the main dashboard, there will be a location shown at the top with a drop down arrow (if multiple locations exist). Ensure to select the location you wish to delete, then tap the menu (lines top left), tap settings, and select to remove that location. I hope this helps ! :slight_smile: