Remove Contact Sensor Magnet Plastic?

The contact sensor magnet mounting plastic enclosure is too big to fit properly on a door frame. Can the magnet inside the plastic enclosure be removed so the magnet can be glued directly to the door frame? The door frame has a space narrower than the plastic case of the magnet unit. I cannot mount the contact sensor magnet as it comes out of the box. Thanks in advance.

This is of course at your own risk. But, I’ve read plenty of pages online that have stated it does work. Some have even recessed them in the frames. Make sure you test the location of the magnet with the sensor before you glue it in place.

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Hi @FixMacs ,

Yes, and if you are curious as to what you’ll find inside the magnet plastic case, I’ve attached pictures of it (Gen2). Just use a small screwdriver to pry off the plastic cover from its base. If you happen to have a Gen1 sensor (larger than the Gen2), another option is to use the much smaller Ring “Slim Magnet” version. Here’s the magnet lengths:

        <u><strong>Length size comparison</strong></u>:

      Gen1 magnet  :   **3.2 inches**

      Gen2 magnet  :   **2.09 inches**   (currently not available separately)

      "Slim" magnet :   **1.27 inches**

For “Slim Magnet”: Dimensions 1.27 in. x 0.40 in. x 0.20 in. (compared to the Gen1 magnet: Dimensions 3.2 in. x 0.5 in. x 0.68 in.)

You can also use almost any other magnet that is thin enough for your door frame space, as long as it is strong enough to sufficiently magnetically pull on the sensor’s ‘reed-switch’.

I hope you find this information helpful :slight_smile:

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I have the Gen2. Will the Slim Magnet work with the Gen2 sensor?

Does the polarity of the magnet matter?

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@FixMacs wrote:

I have the Gen2. Will the Slim Magnet work with the Gen2 sensor?

Does the polarity of the magnet matter?

Hello @FixMacs ,

Yes! The Slim Magnet will work with the Gen2 Contact Sensor. :slight_smile:

No, the magnet polarity of the magnet does not matter. The magnet “pulls” the sensor’s internal “reed-switch” closed regardless of polarity.

The internal “reed-switch” is approximately half-way along the length of the Gen2 sensor (as opposed to the Gen1, where it is more towards one end of the sensor). So, the smaller Slim Magnet should be mounted centered along the edge for your Gen2 sensor.

The Slim Magnet IS very thin (0.20 iches)!

Also @FixMacs , I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to you for accepting my previous reply as a solution and the Kudos are appreciated. :slight_smile:

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