Remotely re-connect camera to Wi-Fi

I purchased a ring security camera for a 2nd home 900 miles away. It has gone offline twice now. Initially is was dropping offline, I purchased a Wi-Fi extender. Worked fine for a week.

However, within two days after leaving the house, it went offline again. Two days later it came back online and worked without issue for a month until this morning. The camera is now offline. I verified Wi-Fi is working, camera is fully charged (solar).

Is there a way to remotely re-connect the camera to Wi-Fi to get it up and running?u

If your camera isn’t connected to WiFi how would you send it a message to reconnect?
If your camera is plugged into an outlet, you could have a smart-plug that you could toggle off/on to reset the camera. Unfortunately, most Ring cameras aren’t plugged in. Maybe toggling your WiFi extender and/or Router would get it to connect again.