Reliable range extenders?

I have two houses and both use T Mobile wireless home internet. One house has blink cameras and a couple are hundreds of feet away, and the house is 3800 sq. ft two story. In my daughters college house (around 1100 sq ft.) all the cameras seem to have a week signal. Anyway when I searched this forum for range extenders all I see are all the complaints about the ones that are not working. I know that is the nature of a forum, happy people don’t always come to talk about stuff that is working.

My question is, what is the most reliable way to improve the wifi signal to my cameras. I have a door bell cam and 2 outdoor stick up cams. All of them are within 50 feet of the router but the signal is hit and miss on them. My kids are not real techy so I’m hoping there is something out there that works well but is not glitchy and doesn’t require constant tinkering with.

Hi @flyin-lowe. If you have multiple Cameras that have poor signal strength, I recommend looking into a mesh router rather than a wifi extender.