Regarding StickUp Cam and Solar charger

I purchased a StickUp Cam and solar panel for my outside shed. The cam recognizes the Solar panel as a power source. However, I have to charge the battery every two days - even while connected to solar panel. It is clear the panel isn’t working and keeping the battery charged. This is a low traffic area so alerts aren’t hourly or daily.

What do I need to do to change this to a spotlight cam? It’s clear the stickup cam isn’t ready for outside use, even with a solar panel attached constantly.

Hi @RobertCarr. Your Stick Up Cam may need to be reset. With the Solar Panel attached, you can preform the reset. Simply press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. After the camera reboots, reconnect it to wifi. This should cause your Stick Up Camera battery charge to last longer. I hope this helps!

I’ve reset and updated firmware. I’ve tested the battery with or without the solar panel (22hrs with motion detection active). No matter if 1 detected or 0 and the solar panel plugged in or not. 22 hours. The panel is recognized as a power source from the app side however

Robert, the amount of people that have complained about issues with the stick up cam along with solar is growing by the day. Ring seems to give the same response each time without much help. There are major bugs with this setup and the battery life is almost non-existent with these cameras. For the amount these cameras and systems cost and the amount of time people have spent troubleshooting is completely unacceptable.

Here’s another thread on the Ring community forums with complaints about the stick up cam and solar:

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