Reducing back box for Ring Elite mount

Hello, Thank you in advance for the help. I have an existing door station that I am switching out to install the Elite. The back box for the existing is significantly larger (6.1" X 4/1" X 3). I was looking for a reducer for weeks but can’t locate. Now exploring havinv my contractor fill in the void and installing a junction box for the Elite. Can anyone provide the junction box dimemsions and the part list I need to order?
I would also like the 30 degree mount. Thanks again.

Hi @Kavos. Install the mounting bracket that came with your Ring Elite, which also serves as a junction box. This Help Center page will provide you with the steps on how to install the Doorbell Elite. We also have an Intercom Kit that could help with your concern. Unfortunately, we do not have a 30 degree mount on available for the Doorbell Elite.