Reduce nuisance notifications?


Anyone know how to stop annoying excessive notifications from the doorbell/floodlight cam? When I am out mowing my lawn or working on my car in the driveway, I don’t need to get notifications literally every minute (not an exaggeration…I got a notification for 11:15, 11:16, 11:17, 11:18, etc this morning while working on my car in the driveway). I want to receive notifications but I don’t want them to inundate my phone to the point where they annoy me and I end up turning them off.

I saw that there is an option for battery-powered models to lessen the frequency of notifications in order to save battery power on the unit, why is this not an option for hardwired models? I am literally standing in the same spot in my driveway for 30 minutes working on my car, one notification would suffice, I don’t need 25.

Motion Snooze might be what you want in this situation.


Yeah that would require me to open the app and reduce the notifications myself… I was looking for an option where the app realizes it just sent me 14 notifications in as many minutes and decides to pause for a period of time.

The function already exists, they only allow it for the batter doorbell for some reason though.

Hi neighbors. Battery powered devices have a Motion Frequency setting to help conserve battery life. Since hardwired devices have continuous power, they do not have a Motion Frequency setting at this time. The Motion and Global Snooze options allow you to silence alerts for a set amount of time when you know you will be outside triggering the motion detection. You can then turn it off when you’re done, that way you will be notified about anything that happens.

I searched our Feature Request board and found this post where other neighbors have requested a Motion Frequency setting for hardwired devices. You’re welcome to add your feedback to this post, as we utilize the Feature Request board to gather and share new ideas with our teams here.

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