Red tint on screen

Our Ring floodlight has a red tint when we view it. It started 3 days ago. We have tried to reset it twice and it has not helped at all. Started as a smallsquarevin center of screen and now covers the whole screen.

Having the same issue with red tint on only one of my security cameras. What’s the best way to actually get Help from Ring?

Hi there, neighbors! If you are noticing a colored tint on your image, try power cycling the Camera. This can be done by either taking the battery out and reinserting after about 30 seconds, or unplugging the Camera for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in (if wired).

You can also try out a reset by holding the Camera setup button down for at least 20 seconds. Once the reset is done, run the Camera through a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device.

If this does not improve your image quality or resolve the color concern, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can explore further troubleshooting options… If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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Hi, not sure if you figured it out but its a simple fix. Get a rubber hammer or something similar and tap the side of the camera. Let me emphasize tap! It may take a few hits but it works! I pulled up the camera feed on my phone so i could see when it went away. Dont know why it works but it does! Good as new!


Yes, tapping it lightly, while watching Live View, worked for me.

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Tapping lightly only partially worked for me. Tapping on the right looking into the lens recovered some 50%. Tapping on the left resulting in it going back. Constantly tapping again on the right got it as far as 70% back but no further. :unamused:

I have the same problem. Tried everything I have read here and elsewhere on the www but, could not get rid of the red screen.
Called Ring Support and they are replacing my cam.
GREAT Service RING SUPPORT TEAM. 2 Thumbs Up!!!

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Glad to hear that our support team was able to get this replaced for you, @gyew8899!