Red number in upper corner of my ring app on home screen of phone

On my home screen the ring app has a number circled in red in the upper right hand corner. The number keeps getting larger. I have looked at multiple places and can’t seem to figure out what it is means. Any ideas?

Hi @Babw. This number is going to be the number of notifications you have for the Ring app. Notifications can be anything ranging from Ring Alarm related activity (if you have this), motion notifications for Doorbell(s) and/or Camera(s), or ring alerts for the Doorbell(s). It’s best to either clear any notifications you do not wish to have or have viewed, or to open up your Ring app and review your event history to clear these notifications. Hope this helps clear this up! :slight_smile:

I have tried deleting some of them but the numbers just keep accumulating.

I have the same problem. Where is the Ring support.

For Android: It looks like you need to hold down finger on ring icon. Press app info
Scroll to notification push notifications
Scroll down to bottom and turn off app icon badges.
Hope this helps.

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