Red and green phone symbols

What is the functions of these on the live feeds please
Cheers Andy
Sorry for these. Spent hours searching settings:-
How do I adjust the zones after enabling them in new features
How do I disable enable persons detection only after enabling them in new features
(It said in settings under smart notifications not found)
Is my app out of date?

Hi @pol. I’d be happy to share some Help Center articles that will help you answer these questions. Red and Green buttons, Motion Zones, and People Only Mode are all user adjustable settings. To see if your app is up to date, visit your phones app store where you can see available updates. I hope this helps!

Hi. I also have this question: what do the red and green phone icons do? The link provided in an answer does not mention these. What are these? There’s already a microphone icon to talk, so what are the phone icons for and why different colors?



Hi @Jscooper. The green phone icon button during a Live View is to activate two-way audio for you to speak to the person and for them to speak back to you. The red phone icon is to end the Live View. :slightly_smiling_face: