Recover video after 60 days very serious

I need to recover videos that I have favorite…I can still pull up videos of other camera past that point but not for my doorbell. I didn’t know they got deleted after so long it is very important and serious my life and freedom are relying on those videos please help someone I beg…

The limit is 60 days (or 30 days depending on when you started your account) and if you didn’t save the video you want yourself then it is gone and unrecoverable.

I had a years subscription… It’ll go back to Jan 7 but I need the video on Jan 5 but my other ring cameras will go back further than that why can’t it on my doorbell this is a beyond serious matters my life and freedom realize on that video without my life will be over and I will be put in prison for the rest of my life how is it there is no way to recover the video and if it’s truly gone I’m completely screwed and will be very very displeased with ring and I will make sure everyone I know not to use ring ever I shale also spread this over social media to never use ring products.

Videos are only stored 30 or 60 days depending on when you signed up for the service. That information is available on their website and was available when you signed up for the service. Whether you paid attention to that is known only to you.
Here’s additional information.
Understanding and Adjusting Your Video Storage Time – Ring Help

Ive tried the website and it won’t but will for the other ring cameras I got a year subscription why will the others but not for my doorbell? Without this my life will be over and will have to spend the rest of my life in prison I desperately need to find a way to recover that video it means absolutely everything…

When subscribed to a Protect Plan, your Ring videos are stored in the cloud for up to 60 days, unless you manually change the storage time, as @SolarEclipse shared above, or if you are in a region that supports 30 day storage maximum (learn more here).

If subscription lapses, is cancelled, the Ring device is removed from the account (causes lapse in coverage), or the video storage time set or default is passed, videos are not recoverable beyond this time.

For further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.