Recordings too short, motion still going on

The recordings are to short. Everytime I try to watch a recording on my ring about a movement it just stops recording even though the movement still going and for the camera to start recording again the movement has to stop and it has to detect a new one. This is very annoying, for a security camera to stop recording when the action is going on is just useless. I haven’t found a solution or a way to extend the recordings for longer periods. One time a guy tried to steal the camera, fortunately he couldn’t reach it, but he moved it, and the dumb camera didn’t even detected that as a movement because irlt just had recorded movement seconds ago. This needs a solution Now! Or I may be needing to change the camera to a brand of a camera that can record what it really is supposed to.


I have the same issue as it only records for 20 seconds. Spotlight cam connected to solar charger. Hopefully someone knows how to change this.

Sorry to hear about that happening! It sounds like this might be related to the motion stop feature or even recording length setting. The motion stop feature for your video recordings, automatically stops the recording after a Ring device starts detecting motion. The devices stop after 20 seconds for battery-operated devices even if physically installed as hardwired, and 60 seconds for hardwired devices without a battery option. This saves on battery life and data charges.

You can certainly adjust your recording length by following the steps in this help center article. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue? A vehicle pulls into my driveway and that starts the 30 second recording, but by the time the vehicle parks and the person gets out the camera has turned off and doesn’t begin recording again because it is the same event! Ridiculous! It makes the camera useless.

That does not fix the issue. The recordings need to continue for longer that 30 seconds – they should record for the entire duration of the movement. How do I fix this?

Hey neighbors! You may want to take a look at adjusting the video recording length, as Ring Cameras are not designed to record continuously so they will record for a certain amount of time each time an event is detected. You can find the instructions for adjusting this setting on battery-operated devices here, and for wired devices here. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

So the cameras only record for 30 secs or however long the setting is for, even if there is still movement going on? So if somebody backs a truck in my driveway, breaks open the door, hauls out my large screen TV and leaves, I will only have a recording of him walking up to the door if he makes it back out the door and leaves quickly enough?

Another comment on recording time: Tonight I walked out to the mailbox - about 60 feet. When I opened the back door, my back door camera, which points straight down the driveway, picked that up and stayed recording nearly until I reached the mailbox and then shut off, which is what I would expect. My front door camera, which is perpendicular to the driveway, picked me up when I cleared the house corner and recorded for 13 seconds until I reached the mailbox, which is hidden from it by a bush, so it apparently cut off the recording at that point. That was also expected. However, 7 seconds later, I returned up the driveway, and the front camera did not record anything when I retraced my steps, while the back camera did not record anything as I approached it until I took the first step on my back porch (14 feet from the camera).

I see 2 issues here:

What is the recovery time between ‘events’, where the camera chopped off the first motion before the entire time that I had set, but didn’t start recording again when it should have detected me walking the same route 7 seconds later.

Is there any way to set the camera to detect motion for somebody walking directly toward it (even though it’s 10 feet above ground) until they make some movement perpendicular to that axis? When I was testing the camera, I found that I could walk the entire 60 feet at a normal pace, even weaving a few feet back and forth, right up to the camera, and even wave my hand right in front of it, turn around and walk away, and it still didn’t detect any motion. This is unacceptable for a ‘security’ camera. Surely some combination of the PIR sensors and the pixel-shifting used in the doorbells could do a better job of detecting motion than the cameras currently do.

@RonE For battery-operated devices, I’d recommend reading this Help Center Article about Motion Frequency here. The Motion Frequency setting controls how your Ring will behave when there is back-to-back motion events. As for how the motion detection actually works, I’d suggest reviewing this article. It will go into detail on the motion detection for both battery-operated and wired devices, and should help answer your questions.

@Caitlyn_RIng - Yes, I’ve already read those, and they’re mostly helpful, but don’t address anything about not picking up motion directly toward or away from the camera. It’s not a big deal, since a person would need to step up on the porch to get to the door and be detected that way. But, before they get to the porch, they could look in a window undetected, which I might like to know about (the window has a contact sensor on it, so they couldn’t enter that way undetected, although I may not have a video of it.)

I have sort-of solved the continuous motion issue by turning off ‘Verification’ and turning both cameras to ‘Frequent’, although it can affect the battery life. I think my issue is more a difference of opinion with the designers about looking at motion as discrete events spaced out over time. I understand that issue, but I would rather have another setting to control what happens when a continuous motion is continuing when the 30 second recording ends. To me, if the PIR detector still detects motion at the end of the recording, it should immediately start a new 30 second recording, regardless of the frequency setting. If there is no motion at the end of the recording, it should follow the frequency setting before starting another one. If somebody is breaking in a door or window, I don’t want the recording to stop before they actually do it if they took 30 seconds to walk up to the door and look around first.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with the alarm system and integration with the cameras. It’s not quite perfect yet, but very close to what I was wanting, right out of the box without much more tweaking than I would expect with a new system.

Thanks for your help.

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You guys are lucky. Mine only records for 6 seconds and the person is waking away and already ½ way down my driveway, and that’s with 2 cameras Ring Doorbell 2 & Stick up Cam. I had to add the extra camera because the Doorbell wouldn’t let me see packages next to it. The Ring is a Joke. To be honest I’m switching to another company.

I have the same issue with a wired stick up cam. No matter what recording length I select, recording length is only 6 seconds. Ring has not given any help to remedy this issue.

Hi there, neighbors! This sounds like Motion Verification which is a feature that will confirm if your motion event has ongoing movement or not. The steps mentioned prior in this thread will help greatly with this!

Those linked articles will contain steps for adjusting the recording length time and altering the Motion Verification. If this concern persists despite trying the suggestions in this thread, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I tried these steps with a wired stickup cam. No matter what recording length is selected, the recorded motion only last 6-7 seconds.