Recordings always start with the person walking do I change it to record them walking up?

Very disappointed with the timing of most videos that are recorded…I start watching it and 99% of the time, its someone walking away from my door. I’ve got the walkway to my door in the motion zone, why isn’t it starting the video as they approach my door so I can actually see who the person is rather than recording their exit when their back is to the camera?

Hey @Darcet. What Ring device is this happening on? Can you show us a video example of what this looks like? What do you have your Motion Settings set up like? Feel free to also share a picture of what your Motion Zones look like. :slight_smile:

This happens almost all of the time with mine. There is such a delay on the doorbell in both recording and getting the ring notification that it makes the doorbell pointless. It will never get better unless ring get some UK based servers or servers in your country.

Its literally not that hard to understand the issue. Someone walks up to the house, motion detection fails. They ring the doorbell and delay in starting the recording is so much tahtit starts as the person who rang the doorbell walks off.

Happens on my doorbell 2 all the time

My Ring Doorbell 3 doesn’t alert us when a delivery person is approaching the door. It alerts us after they drop the package, turn around and start walking away. I have adjusted everything I can find in the App to get a better response but so far have not been able to correct the issue. The delay also impacts the recording so all we see is a person’s back. If they came to steal a package left at the door all we would have is a video of them walking away.


Hey neighbors. This concern can be caused by a low RSSI, Motion Frequency settings or Doorbell Placement. You can check your RSSI in the Ring app under the Device Health menu. An RSSI of -60 or low can cause a delay. To help adjust your Motion Settings, check out this Community Post here. If you’ve made these adjustments to no avail, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.