Recording to Network Device

When I bought my Ring Doorbell and Stick up cam, I used the Trial period for recordings.
I was informed by Ring support that I can only record to a local network device / USB Drive if I pay for a subscription.
Has anyone figured out a way to record to a local pc or USB Drive without a Prime subscription?


Winnipeg, Canada.

Hi @wgpcdn. A Ring Protect Basic or Plus subscription is required in order for any videos recorded by your Ring to be saved in the Ring App and downloaded or shared. Without a valid subscription, you will not be able to view or save any previously recorded events. You can learn more about the Ring Protect plans we offer in our Help Center Article here. :slight_smile:

I am not asking about downloading a recording from the Ring cloud, I want to record to a local NAS storage device.


Recording to anywhere other than ring servers is not possible.

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